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Oldsmobile Starfire
I need a deck lid ,hood and front fenders 705 320 8486
13/08/13 07:35 More...
By Wayne Hopkins

The Most Car Manufacturer Provider
The MGB was Britain's best-selling sports car model in the w...
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Dodge Charger 1970
i have a dodge magnum just just paid it off cant wait for my...
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Pontiac Ventura
@aushorse Legendary Ford 351cid V-8 @ 290hp, 4-speed top loa...
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Welcome to Old Cars!
Written by Oren   
Monday, 29 November 1999

Old CarsWelcome to the one and only Old Cars Organization. Here you can view, talk, sell, review and learn about the best 
classic cars, muscle cars and generally all cars manufactured before the 80's.

Lots of galleries, forums, specs and info about the all time beauties. Find old cars for sale: click on Buy & Sell
You need to register in order to sell your car or post in our forums.

You can click on the left on your favorite car manufacturer or you can search by decade:

1950's cars  1960's cars  1970's cars  1980's cars  1990's cars  2000's cars

Old or new, AmericanMuscle is the best source of Mustang Parts for modifying your Ford Mustang 

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Porsche 944 restoration
Porsche 944 restoration
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(11/08) 1968 Chevrolet Corvette Development
GM design chief Bill Mitchell and company had just the thing to make their baby, the 1968 Chevrolet Corvette, considerably more exotic at the relatively low price of a new fiberglass body. It was the Mako Shark II, one of the most famous show cars of all time.      The Motoramas were a thing of the past by the mid-Sixties, but GM was still gauging public reaction to its near-term mo...
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(11/08) 1968-1972 Chevrolet Corvette
It's uncanny how often automotive history repeats itself, sometimes with ironic twists. The Chevrolet Corvette has had more than its share of both irony and déjà vu. Take the fifth generation 1968 Chevrolet Corvette. Like the new Corvette of 10 years before, it was greeted in many quarters as a step backward -- fatter and flashier than its well-loved predecessor, and thus somethi...
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(04/07) Volkswagen Vehicles Top Classic Car Popularity List
Volkswagen produces some of the most enduring popular cars on the road according to a new study by MoneySupermarket.com. ...
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(18/04) Find Your Next Car
One of the largest used car search sites in the UK is motors.co.uk. This website deals with both local and national searches for used cars and boast an innovative search system allowing users to search on aspects of the car they want. ...
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(26/02) How Important are Authentic Replacement Parts?
The insurance market has become increasingly volatile in recent years, with the average motorist now paying £921 per year for cover. Classic car owners generally pay less for insurance on account of them being statistically less likely to be involved in accidents and make claims. Insurers recognise that this is due to classic car drivers tending to take greater pride in their vehicle than o...
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(26/10) 1961 Lincoln Continental
Lincoln's 1961 models had timeless style that gave the marque a template for sorely needed design consistency. But if an impatient Robert McNamara had been a bit more insistent, the stunning 1961 Lincoln Continental -- or any other Lincoln -- never would have been seen. ...
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(21/09) 1966-1969 Lincoln Continental
During the Sixties, Lincoln retained the clean, classic look introduced in 1961. But the times demanded change, so the 1966-1969 Lincoln Continentals wore new -- if familiar -- styling. ...
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(21/09) The Citroen Goddess
The big Citroen (the Citroen "Goddess") was introduced as the DS19, the initials denoting Desiree Speciale, the numerals a 1.9-liter engine. But it acquired a nickname very soon after launch: "Goddess." ...
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(14/09) 1955-1975 Citroen DS and ID
The Paris and U.S. introduction to the 1955-1975 Citroen DS and ID caused quite a stir. The following pages profile these two Citroen models over a twenty-year period. ...
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(29/08) 1923-1927 Ford Model T
Many changes were in store for the 1924-1926 Ford Model T, as the car evolved with the changing times and increased competition.   ...
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2011-01-27 15:32:03-anderson
neat auto like 50s
2008-04-27 12:17:32-toni
love it
2007-09-19 07:24:14-toni
love this car!
2007-09-09 07:21:23-toni
i used to have one exactl...
2007-01-17 05:18:02-oren
very good car, AC cobra. ...
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