1966 Bentley T1

The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is a piece of choice for any lover of beautiful and rare automobiles.

Produced at only 1703 units, it is now a rarity, especially when we know that many Bentley T1s have over time been transformed into Rolls Royces.

If the two cars are technically identical, the Bentley has a personality of its own, thanks to its specific hood and grille.

The one we present is all the more rare, since it is a European version.

Delivered new in Switzerland, it remained there until 2008, when it was exported to Spain. She knew only one owner, to whom we bought it.

If the invoice file could not be provided to us, the examination of the car attests to a follow-up and rigorous maintenance during its life in Switzerland. This way, you do not risk violating the safety rules on personal liabilityand the traffic rules in the Highway Code. The engine and box seals are very good, and no trace of corrosion could be found at the base level. The engine works perfectly, the slow motion is very balanced, and without any suspicious noise. The same goes for the transmission, whose speeds are passed in the most smooth way.

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However, we believe that the car needs to be overhauled before returning to the road, with, in addition to a standard service, a complete overhaul of the braking circuits, the replacement of the exhaust line and tyres. The car can then be used in complete serenity.

Then, for those who wish, the cosmetic works. The very elegant Tudor Grey livery, redone a few years ago, suffers from poor preparation, including aluminum elements that exhibit electrolyte corrosion, but without gravity. The front bumper needs to be straightened.

The upholice will require only a few treatments, the leather being neither cracked nor torn.

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The car is now presented as it is, but of course we can take care of the work, depending on the wishes of the future purchaser.

Our experience in this area allows us to affirm that this Bentley is an excellent base for a beautiful restoration, and we wish him to find a buyer who will restore it all its luster.

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